Monday, June 18, 2007

Hollywood Vegetarian Hotties!

Cool2Know asked several celebs how long they've been vegetarian, why they gave up eating animals and to dish on their favorite faux-meat products:

Actress Daryl Hannah - "Since age 11.... I was no longer able to disassociate what I was eating from the creature it had been. Many fake meats have soy isolate ... which can cause health problems. I really look at the ingredients and try to stick to whole foods."

Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich - "Twelve years ago.... Initially, it was for health reasons. Then it also became a matter of respect for the lives and the treatment of animals, as evident in [my] voting record on animal issues ... favorites are Tofurky's 'kielbasa' and the vegan Gardenburger."

Actress Emily Deschanel - "Sixteen years ago, after watching [a school video about] the meat and dairy industries.... I do eat some meat alternatives. I love [the wheat/soy protein] Gardein. You can only get it at Whole Foods. It's very tasty."

Techno musician Moby - The co-founder of Teany, a veggie Manhattan cafe, has been "vegetarian for 23 years, vegan for 20.... I like animals and I don't want to be involved in anything that makes them suffer. Fake meat is amazing, the vegan equivalent of junk food. I usually refrain from fake meat unless I'm really hungover. Somehow it makes hangovers more bearable."

Actress Constance Marie - "No red meat [for] 23 years.... Meat made my body feel heavy and bloated. I started to think, what's the difference between eating a chicken or your family pet? Both are living, breathing animals with a face.... The quality of American meat is questionable.... Veggie hot dogs are my favorites!"

Singer Chrissie Hynde - "Since 1969.... I cannot justify the unnecessary exploitation of an animal. I will eat whatever I am offered, providing no animals have suffered."

This are some of the many vegetarians that we know we idolize... An answer probably to your question " whats their secret of looking sexy and fit?"

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