Thursday, June 21, 2007

Daily Healthy Balance Diet!

A “portion” is, for example, a slice of bread, an apple, a glass of milk or two tablespoons of baked beans, but remember – it’s the balance that matters so if you have a big appetite, increase the amount you eat in all categories, not just the fatty and sugary foods.

Fruit and Vegetables
5 portions a day
Fresh, frozen, juiced, tinned or dried fruit and vegetables are particularly good sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

High Protein Foods
2-3 portions a day
Include a variety of pulses (for example beans, lentils, peas and chick peas), nuts, seeds, eggs, soya, mycoprotein (Quorn) or wheat proteins to give you plenty of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Fatty and Sugary Foods
0-3 portions a day
Although we need to eat some fat, we all need to eat these foods sparingly and try low fat alternatives.

Bread, other Cereals and Potatoes
5 portions a day
Base most of your meals on these starchy foods. Use wholemeal or wholegrain versions as much as possible and avoid adding lots of fat. These foods give us carbohydrates for energy, fibre, protein and some vitamins and minerals.

Milk and Dairy Products
2-3 portions a day
Good sources of calcium, protein and some vitamins. If you are avoiding dairy foods, choose fortified soya, rice or oat drinks or make sure that you eat other foods that are high in calcium.

33% of the UK population only eat meat occasionally.
Gallup Poll for Realeat, August 2001
5% of the UK population is vegetarian
National Diet and Nutrition Survey 2001

"The British Dietetic Association considers that a well-planned vegetarian diet can be nutritionally adequate and health promoting for both adults and children."
British Dietetic Association

These are facts that are proven to give you the best diet in your life. Have a great life and long live with your dream.. Theres a lot of vegetarian recipe that are yet to come soon in this blog...


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